Infrared Ear and Forehead Thermometer SC 53 FH


  • 2 sec. fast read,
  • storage of 10 measurement values,
  • beep at end of measurement,
  • in sleep mode alternately display of ambient temperature and time.

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Infrared Ear and Forehead Thermometer SC 53 FH

The SC 53 FH is an infrared thermometer. It only takes two seconds to determine the human body temperature. The end of the measurement is indicated by a beep. You can measure the body temperature either in the ear or on the forehead.

Up to ten measurement values can be stored. In order to read the stored measurement values, press the power button and shortly after that, press the memory button on the back of the device.

Additionally, you can use the thermometer to measure the ambient temperature (for instance of a living area).

In sleep mode, and while placed in the holder, the thermometer as an attractive clock displays ambient temperature and time alternately.

The thermometer is packed in a gift box and supplied with a holder (stand). While placed in the holder, the thermometer can also be used a room or night table clock.

Important Notes:

Measurement in the ear:

To prevent inaccurate values please always carry out the measurement in the same ear. In children, adults should take the measurement. In infants, the measurement in the ear is not recommended before the 6th month of life, as the auditory canal is not yet fully developed.

Measurement on the forehead:

When measuring on the forehead please note that the infraread sensor must have skin contact. To do so, touch a temple, hold the power button and pull the therrmometer slowly towards the other temple.

Further Notes:

In order to prevent contamination and damage, please avoid direct finger contact with the infrared sensor.

When the “low battery” symbol appears please replace the battery. The user manual explains precisely how to open the battery compartment and how to replace a battery. Batteries of the type CR2032 you can purchase in watch shops or electronics shops.

In order to avoid measuring errors we recommend to read the user manual carefully.


4-in-1 Infrared-Thermometer

  • Ear thermometer,
  • Forehead thermometer,
  • Display of ambient temperature,
  • Display of time.
Measuring Range10.0℃ – 50.0℃
Accuracy±0.2℃ at measurement range of 36.1℃ – 39,0℃

±0.3°C at measurement range of 10,0℃ – 36,0℃ and 39,1℃ – 50,0℃

Measuring time ear2 sec.
Measuring time forehead2 sec.
Displaysmallest measuring step: 0.1℃
Beep at end of measurementYes
Memory10 measurement values
Operation conditionTemperature: 18℃ – 28℃
Relative Humidity: <95%
Storage ConditionTemperature: 10℃ – 50℃
Relative Humidity: <95%
Auto Off1 min after switching into sleep mode (Display of ambient temperature and time)
Low Battery IndicatorWhen the “low battery” symbol appears please replace the battery.
Battery1x CR2032 (3.0V)
Battery Lifeapprox. 200 measurements
Size110mm x 33mm x 22mm
Weightca. 42 g (mit Batterien)