Digital Clinical Thermometer SC 44 flex

  • 30 sec. normal read,
  • flexible tip,
  • fever alarm,
  • storage of last measured value,
  • beep at end of measurement,
  • waterproof,
  • 3 motifs (frog, duck and penguin) available.

Digital Clinical Thermometer SC 44 flex

The SC 44 flex is a maximum thermometer, i.e. the highest temperature is displayed after approx. 30 seconds. The end of the measurement is indicated by a beep.

The thermometer has the function “Fever Alarm”. If the the measured temperature of a human body is 37.5 ℃, shorts beeps in rapid sequence and a flashing display indicate fever at the same time.

The last measured value is stored. To display the last reading, press and hold the thermometer’s power button for at least three seconds. After releasing the power button, the thermometer is ready for the next measurement.

The thermometer itself is protected with a transparent plastic case and further packed in a gift box. You can choose from 3 different motifs: frog, duck or penguin.

Important Notes:

In order to obtain an accurate and safe measurement result, we recommend performing the measurement rectally (in the anus). This method is suitable especially for infants and children. For this purpose, insert the thermometer up to 2 cm into the anus. A successful measurement is indicated by a beep.

Alternatively, you can perform the measurement in the oral cavity (under the tongue). Make sure that the mouth is closed during the measurement and that the thermometer tip is in contact with the tissue. Otherwise, fluctuations of measured values may occur and the measured value is not correct.

A temperature measurement under the arm (axillary) is not recommended, since measured values taken in this area always are inaccurate.

When the “low battery” symbol appears please replace the battery. To do so, pull the cap to gain access to the battery compartment. Batteries of the type LR41, AG3 or SR41 you can purchase in watch shops or electronics shops.

In order to avoid measuring errors we recommend to read the user manual carefully.


Measuring Range32.0℃ – 43.9℃
Accuracy±0.2℃ at temperature < 35.5℃
±0.1°C at temperature
35.5℃ < T < 42℃
±0.2℃ at temperature > 42.0℃
Display3-digit LCD
Storage ConditionTemperature: 0 bis – +50℃
Relative Humidity: 15-95%
Battery1x LR41 (1.5V)
Low Battery IndicatorWhen the “low battery” symbol appears please replace the battery.
Auto offautomatically after 3 min
Size154,5 x 21 x 12 mm
Weight18 g incl. battery


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